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Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Shiny

This past week I've been slammed; working to produce a new module: POEx::WorkerPool. Now, this will probably smack of NIH, but I looked at a couple of other good modules such as MooseX::Workers, and decided that I need to do my own that made use of the POEx tool chain and included MooseX::Declare.

To that end, the POEx::WorkerPool does the usual multi-process management and provides a mechanism to dole out jobs to workers, but where I feel it provides more bang for you buck is highlighted below.

-Easier Customization-
Each piece in the framework can be customized via traits defined in the 'use' statements of those pieces. Each piece does light coupling via Roles checking, so it doesn't hinder customization.

-Transparent Workers-
Workers publish a plethora of events via POEx::PubSub that allow for tracking of a job from the time the worker starts processing to even incremental progress updates

-Rudimentary Priority Modes-
Worker availability is effected by a two different modes: round_robin and fill_up. In round_robin mode, the next available worker is gathered in your typical round_robin fashion. And in fill_up mode, the same worker will continue to be gathered until it's work queue is full.

-Abstract Jobs-
The simple Job Role provides a light shell for whatever needs to be processed, but at the same time giving the framework some consistency for reporting progress, and identification.

And while those things are awesome, there is still room for improvement down the road. The API could be expanded a little further in the WorkerPool itself with regards to how the jobs get delivered. So there will be future releases as I work more on it.

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