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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Of POE + Moose Awesomeness

So Florian finally dropped the bomb. Devel::Declare, MooseX::Method::Signatures, and MooseX::Declare were all released with all of the wholesome developed goodness that I wrote before YAPC::NA. So what does that mean? It means that I was able to finally release to CPAN a few modules.

POEx::Role::SessionInstantiation is the core of it all. It turns your Moose objects into POE::Sessions and manages the ugly for you.

POEx::Role::TCPClient builds on POEx::Role::SessionInstantiation and rolls up the common SocketFactory/ReadWrite wheels and gives you awesome functionality with minimal effort.

POEx::Role::TCPServer does the same thing as TCPClient, but in reverse.

I chose to stay the lower level for the roles because I found those pieces of the POE world ripe for Moosifying. The upper level Components are a bit unwieldy and I am not a big fan of them.

And once I work the kinks out of POEx::ProxySession, I'll be doing a release of that. I decided to add some more functionality with regards to getting notified from the POEx::ProxySession::Client when TCPClient fires socket errors and connect errors.

And then I'll be able to release an alpha of Voltron. Florian brought the parsed signature attribute on MooseX::Method::Signatures::Meta::Method up to public so that means I can rely on it now for doing signature comparisons instead of dumb string comparsons that I am doing now.

Expect to hear more soon on this front. I'm rather excited about getting to release my modules finally.

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