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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Step Closer

Florian has taken the time to look at my work on MooseX::Method::Signatures and committed method trait changes to his master. I am very excited about this for two reasons.

One, it really is much simpler than my implementation. No need to parse Perl with PPI via Parse::Constructor::Arguments. I am not sure why I didn't consider his approach in the first place, honestly. It makes much more sense. I am going to blame Cory because I picked up where he left off, heh. No, really, I should have taken a step back and realized I could do what I wanted to do without invoking PPI.

Parse::Constructor::Arguments is going to stick around even if its use has been superceeded by simpler code. Someone else might find it useful. I still need to test it against the latest PPI to make sure it doesn't break though.

And two, once integration into MooseX::Declare happens, I can finally release all of my modules I wrote for YAPC::NA. I've sort of stopped work on Voltron and on POEx::ProxySession largely because I am waiting for Florian to catch up. I am excited to start back up again and finish fleshing out the automagical reconnect logic in ProxySession. From there, Voltron is going to get proper signature matching support via Parse::Method::Signatures.

In other news, I think I've nailed down my learning language syntax and semantics. I've covered a core language and then an object oriented extension. Next up is manipulating flex to get it to lex it.

And finally, yes, I did get the job. I start this coming Monday. Still keeping my name in the hat though for some other things. This job is only a contract gig for six months. It might extend, but then again, it might not, so I might as well keep my ear to the ground.

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