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Monday, July 13, 2009

Foreign Country Hacking

So I've been in Mexico for the past week visiting family, and I haven't had the luxury of time to sit down and continue to work on any of my hacking projects. I did bring some materials including the docs for flex and bison to work a bit on my toy language, but haven't touch them.

When I get back there are a number of things I need to look into (besides trying to find a job) in no particular order:

1. Get the lexer grammar written for NULL (Nick's Useless Learning Language)
2. Rewrite the INSTALL doc for perl core (make it exhaustive of all the options and then list better examples on types of installs).
3a. Bug Florian to merge my code
3b. Release all of my modules from YAPC
4. Put my recent work on the POE wiki and work toward more POE+Moose interaction

I am heartened to see that RGS cherry-picked my patch and committed. It makes me want to do more work in that area until I get my feet wet enough to contribute meaningfully with code.

Light post this week. I have been too inundated with international travel to do much more than eat, sleep, and fiesta :)

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