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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Returning to the fray

Expect me to start updating this blog again. I plan on contributing to the Moe project ( I am also doing some courses from Coursera. Some work stuff might bleed into this blog as well (including when my posts are published on our official work blog:

Quick update: I've moved to the Netherlands. If you remember, I had quite an atrocious experience at the hands of the TSA. That experience stuck. From that point on, I knew my country had given up on its citizenry. I eventually sought out employment elsewhere-- As in, not within the bounds of the US.

I am now a team lead at working on some of the more critical infrastructure pieces. We live in beautiful Amsterdam. I had taken a break of sorts of doing any serious open source work. I am now going to change that a little bit.

With the announcement of Moe (and my photobomb making a cameo in Stevan Little's slide deck[]), I've started the trek to learning enough Scala to be dangerous. OPW2013 really seemed to energize me if only because getting together with a bunch of really smarty-pants hackers always seems to have that effect.

My inaugural return post will be about CloudPAN if only because it is fresh on my mind. I gave a talk at OPW2013 about this nifty little hack that fell out of my attending the QA Hackathon last year. And from that point on, I'll try to do a weekly update.

It might be more often. It might be less often. But I want to at least average one post a week.

So expect a post later this week. I have a long flight tomorrow and I intend to do some hacking and also some writing.

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  1. Congrats on your move to the Netherlands. I'm jealous. (vendull - still in boring DFW)