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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Modules that need love

So I have been busy with work lately and I haven't had the drive or the time to work on some of my modules.

The other day in IRC, someone mentioned that there were problems with POE::Component::PubSub. And I readily admit that there are likely problems with that module. I had already replaced it with POEx::PubSub. But the problem is this: POE::Component::Jabber was scheduled for an overhaul last summer but I was suddenly employed and my work turn a turn toward something else even more awesome. PCJ's dependencies where the first to go through the conversion largely because I needed the new PubSub while working on the POEx::WorkerPool.

All that said, I never got around to actually taking the plunge with PCJ and doing the needed conversion to Moose and Roles.

So. Some of my modules need some love. POEx::Role::SessionInstantiation specifically was getting some fail reports. That ties into a whole bunch of other modules. Speaking of fail reports, my MooseX::CompileTime::Traits was showing failures on 5.11.x. I need to investigate if I still want my modules to run cleanly on 5.12. POEx::ProxySession particularly could use some real love because I really believe it is the way forward with distributed modern POE versus using old-school IKC.

And I really need to follow through on my promises on POE work with specifically taking the time to being Reflex to my will. This would also include organizing talks for the YAPCs this year.

Anyhow, with a hopeful lull coming up in work soonish, I might get the time to improve the state of the art. And maybe even take the time to take ownership of that module that mst was pushing some weeks ago. I know I owe him a test for Web::Simple that involved an odd combination for the signature of a particular dispatch.

All Perl modules need love. I encourage people that read the Ironman feed to step up and spread some love to your favorite modules. Anything from doc patches, to tests, to feature implementations, no one I know ever turns down work on their projects. In the end, we end up using each other's modules to deliver high-end performing solutions to our clients and partners. Let's make sure we give back.

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