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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Hacking

So in my last post, I made mention of brokenness in DBIC::API. Specifically, the prefetch_allows only considered hashes with only one key. To my defense, I didn't have any more of a complicated use case. Also, other use cases, in and around the internets and even the docs for DBIC itself, don't include those kinds of complex prefetch. So, I didn't consider that someone might want to prefetch/join on multiple keys like that.

Mea culpa.

So, my latest commit to the DBIC::API repo, on trunk, makes abraxxa's modified (and initially broken) test pass. First code of the new year! When abraxxa gets back to me, I'll do another release for general consumption.

Some other random news: I'll be talking at the Perl Oasis Workshop on workers, job queues, etc and how POEx::WorkerPool is your solution to making things easy. Also, I will be giving a short talk at the Frozen Perl Workshop making use of my recent hacking on DBIC::API and ExtJs for doing datagrids.

Before the latter talk, I hope to have some up on CPAN that is a ready-made datagrid that you merely plop in and configure up. I had written about doing a datagrid like that since last year, and ultimately had to delay delivering on that promise until I had made my certain advancements in core technologies. Now that I am getting DBIC::API how I like it and I already have it talking to ExtJs's RESTful Stores, without custom query code.

Anyhow, I am excited to get back into the swing of things for work and excited to meet all of the smart Perl peeps you always meet at these kinds of conferences.

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  1. I really want to see examples of a DBIC::API controller that hooks up to an ext class. Please show!