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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Half way through

Oops! Missed my blog post for yesterday, but that is only because there has been so much awesome stuff going on here in Pittsburgh, PA at YAPC::NA::2009.

I gave my POE::Filters talk today and was a little stressed about it. I didn't finish the slides until last night, and then I guess I talked a little too fast. But it was alright in the end since no one really knew what the hell I was talking about except the POE hackers in the audience.

I gave (and will give another tomorrow) POE primer at the front of my talk which apparently was derided as not catchy enough. Shrug. It was either that, or have a bunch of people stare dumbfounded at my code examples, wondering what was happening. Sadly, I was scheduled against such heavyweights as nothingmuch and jrockway and so I had all of 20 people show up.

On the plus side, lots of hallway track time has lead to some great conversations and involvement in some good things such as hacking on perl core.

Hacking on perl core. That is pretty deep stuff. My C isn't exactly super strong, but it is really important I believe. Important enough that I want to get involved. There is a serious problem in that the core of perl is not documented. I even made mention of that for the EPO's document bounties. It got votes, just not enough to offer a bounty for it.

So I am getting involved. Our first task is to consider the tests between miniperl and perl and see where the short comings are for miniperl. A deep dive into miniperl gives us a good look into things like the tokenizer, etc.

And write about it. Blogging about it exposes the tribal knowledge to the intertubes.

And so a new line of topics begins!

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