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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perl Iron Man

Perl is my language. Has been since I first expressed interest in programming. It fits my mental model. I proudly have the Llama, Camel, Black Leopard, Wolf, Cheetah, Mouse, [insert other animal], O'Reilly books sitting on my bookshelf next to me right this very instant. My regular expression-fu is strong. I've written Perl code on multiple major revisions. I contribute to the CPAN. I write patches. I subscribe to mailing lists, have an account on perlmonks, attend conferences, and have been known to run a local Perlmongers group. Perl has landed me jobs, even if those jobs had nothing to do with Perl. I've spent time developing JAPHs, marveled at Perl golfing, and done things with Perl that others never thought possible. Others say my language is dying. Others think we only write CGI scripts and live in the 90s. I say to hell with them. I write distributed, event driven, asynchronous, applications. I write pluggable protocol abstractions. I write XMPP communication components. And I am not alone.

We are Iron Man:

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